Amanda Foss ~ Original Art 
Unique and whimsical art, intertwining fantasy with the natural world.
About Amanda ~
Amanda's current body of work consists of acrylic and mixed media paintings which reflect her fascination with nature and fantasy. She utilizes bold color and texture to represent engaging, otherworldly and often dark images of people, plants, animals and landscapes, placing the viewer somewhere in the gap between reality and fantasy. 

A self-taught artist, she often finds inspiration through intuitive storytelling and dreams as well as the natural world.

Like most artists, my love for painting and drawing began at an early age. One of my fondest childhood memories is sitting with my Grandmother in the front room of her house and watching her paint. I would watch her for hours sometimes and I can still smell the oils and turpentine she used. She was a talented artist and a huge influence on me… always encouraging my creative side, and sharing with me all that she had learned.
Painting is a very personal experience for me because it's my way of honoring my Grandmother while expressing my love for fantasy and nature. It's a way of sharing all of the stories and images that I tend to keep hidden in the deepest recesses of my imagination. Some of my paintings come from dreams (sometimes even nightmares), but many begin by unlocking that dusty vault in my mind and unwrapping a fairytale, once imagined by a child. I want my work to evoke a curious sense of wonder and strange familiarity in the viewer... the notion that there is a wondrous story behind it all, and the anticipation of more yet to come.


2017 - Mable House Gallery - South Cobb Arts Alliance Members Exhibition - Mableton, GA
2017 - Old Smyrna Firehouse  - Indie Arts Alliance Summer Showcase - Smyrna, GA
2017 - Markay Gallery - Marietta Square  Art Walk Encore Show - Marietta, GA
2018 - Mable House Gallery - South Cobb Arts Alliance Members Exhibition - Mableton, GA
2018 - Mable House Gallery - Indie Arts Alliance Exhibition - Mableton, GA
2018 - Old Smyrna Firehouse  - Indie Arts Alliance Spring Showcase - Smyrna, GA
2018 - Empyrean Tattoo Studio - The Occult ~ An Art Show - Sandy Springs, GA
2018 - Mable House Gallery - Creative Explorations In Mixed Media - Mableton, GA
2018 - Old Smyrna Firehouse  - Indie Arts Alliance Summer Showcase - Smyrna, GA


October, 2015 - Marietta Square Art Walk Best in Show Award

June, 2017 - Marietta Square Art Walk Honorable Mention


March, 2016 - Marietta Daily Journal 
February, 2018 - The Bright Side 
April, 2018 - Cobb Life Magazine 


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